Mozilla privacy workshop @gpn

Hii..this workshop was organised by nilima chavan.                               speakers:.    1.kamlesh vilpura.                                   2.ronit jadhav.                                           3.nilima chavan.                 Volunteers:1.shivani pawar                                       2.snehal pahare.                                       3.pooja adke.                                             4.jayashree bhosale.                              5.priyanka palve.                 So,we started with the mozilla        introduction.1st session was taken by kamlesh  : he told us about Netscape company who founder of mozilla(1998).and the mozilla is divided in two parts 1.mozilla corporation  2.mozilla foundation.then he moved on to open source shared their importance.    We have discussed on  important topics below:          1. how we protect our data? We search anything on internet .we think there has no one who putting eyes on us.but we are completely wrong.when we search our footprints was there. Make “privacy ur first priority”.  After privacy importance ronit  explained      1. light beam add-on : that help user to keep track which sites are keeping eyes on there private data.where 0 indicates which website u visit and triangle indicate who track u.              2.privacy badger add-on: using that u can block threat sites.and those who tracked you. then ronit explanation apps permission and there pros & cons with suggestions . A small introduction to brave browser which look like crome but provide security like firefox browser..kamlesh explained  mozvr is  Mozilla’s attempt to promote new possible foundation in virtual reality with web..then the session was delivered to nilima she told the concept of localization , A lot of languages are available in localized versions of Firefox browser.L10n gives u a opportunity to take that language and convert another language that u understand as different countries use different languages you take that information and convert it in your own language by  using & mozilla.locamotion. org u can contribute to L10n again kamlesh  explained the rust language its general purpose multi paradigm compiled programming language sponsored by mozilla research. Kamlesh have shown us his own game developed & design by himself its was too much  excited  job for students..   at last we had a some Q & A session , Question asked by students those was intresting.